PANEL 3: Hip Hop & Power

Hip-hop as an art form is based on free expression. It’s time to critique its role in matters of politics, social, economic and civil issues. What is the role of hip hop in a New Zimbabwe? What is hip-hop’s role in politics? In Economics? In driving trends in society. Is there a way to use hip-hop to address the socio-political issues faced by the country? What is the most effective way of doing this? What/how should artists be using their voice for change? Is this their responsibility? Why don’t we have more socially conscious artists in a time where Zimbabwe is going through a big change? If they are there, where are they?Moderator: SOKOSTINA - ZTN



Don Dada_ Artist & Owner Ruff Cutt Records

KF Malindi _ Political Analyst

MC Cut _ Artist & Political Activist

Lincoln The Prez _ Artist/Political Lyricist

Ano _ Music In Africa Writer

Awesomnia _ Artists - Norway

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